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Serving Rockland and Bergen Counties since 1990

Martial Arts are unique disciplines that combine mental and physical fitness with self-mastery. East Coast Martial Arts is a World Taekwondo Federation certified Taekwondo school established in 1990 by Grandmaster Raymond Portante. 

We offer group and private lessons for ages 4 and up, and all of our classes are ...

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Our Black Belt Legacy

Since the very first black belt promotion test on December 18th, 1993 East Coast Martial Arts has produced: 

107 - 1st Dan Black Belts 

18 - 2nd Dan Black Belts 

7 - 3rd Dan Black Belts 

2 - 4th Dan Black Belt Masters 

1 - 5th Dan Black Belt Master 

They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. Keep in ...

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Masterful Instruction

Without a strong foundation a building will eventually crumble. So too will a martial artist when there is no foundation.

Learning from the ground up, without shortcuts, is the only way to train. 

If a student is willing to work hard, focus, and be patient, the results are sure to follow.

Remember, success is ...

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Free Taekwondo Uniform
Free Uniform With Our Two Week Trial!



Master Portante is the only well-trained teacher in the area and offers nothing, but professionalism and warmth. He accepts students of all different ages and does so with skill and excellence. Nowhere else is better!! 



  • Parking available
  • Free consultation
  • Good for children
  • Family-owned

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I spent more than 14 years at East Coast Martial Arts and can tell you that you will not find a better school or teacher. Grand Master Portante prides ...Read more

Jan 26, 2024

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